Leverage content to attract the right candidate at the right time, personalised with AI-powered suggestions.

Custom forms and CTAs capture rich candidate data, backed up with powerful analytics to understand marketing analytics and sourcing channel effectiveness.

Convert more visitors into qualified leads

Convert more visitors into qualified leads

Attract more of the right candidates with superior experiences that are automated, personalised, and engaging.

Easily manage your career site content

Easily manage your career site content

Build your ideal career site without needing developers thanks to immersive page templates.

Showcase your employer brand

Showcase your employer brand

Bring your unique EVP to life with configurable career sites and campaign landing pages.

Transition from reactive recruitment to proactive sourcing strategy.

Build pipelines of qualified talent and use actionable insights to drive strategic recruitment. Don’t take a stab in the dark. We let you see what’s working, and what isn’t, then make adjustments. Invest in the right channels and create a powerful sourcing and pipeline strategy that’s designed to convert.

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Engage the best talent with personalised candidate journeys.

Deliver an outstanding candidate experience, all automated behind the scenes. Leverage personalised content and communications to engage the right candidate at the right time. Nurture high-quality talent anytime, anywhere, with preset nurture flows and automated follow-ups.

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The Which? way.

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The Clinch team are innovative, responsible and flexible when dealing with our requirements. We find the product simple and user friendly allowing us to create dynamic and targeted recruitment campaigns.

Anne Mangan - Head of Recruitment - Bank of Ireland


Got some questions?

What can I expect from Clinch Recruitment Marketing, how does it work?

There are two core components to Clinch Recruitment Marketing:

  •  Careers Site
  •  Talent Relationship Management 

Careers Site

Clinch offers the latest in career site technology underpinned with an industry-leading recruitment marketing platform. 

Every aspect of the candidate journey is optimised for best-in-class performance, whether it is direct visits to the career site or job advertising-generated traffic to the job landing page. By leveraging advanced personalisation and dynamic content, we expose quality candidates to the right content and jobs to increase conversion.


Talent Relationship Management 

A distinctive feature of Clinch is the integration of its Talent/Candidate Relationship Management system with the Career site. A unique candidate record is created for every candidate that passes through a job site or career site (known or unknown). 

Candidate records are created in the CRM as they identify themselves by joining the talent network, downloading content, signing up for job alerts, or applying for roles. The CRM is updated as candidates progress through the application process when they complete their application in the ATS.

What ROI will I see from Clinch Recruitment Marketing?

There are three key pillars to your Recruitment Marketing software:

  1. Content Management
  2. CRM & Automation
  3. Reporting

When implemented successfully, Recruitment Marketing can help bring about the following benefits for your TA team:

  • Faster, easier sourcing from a “warm” talent pool of candidates who are ready to engage
  • Better, more informed hiring decisions with easy access to key recruitment metrics
  • Valuable time back in your working day with automation of key recruiting tasks.

It all leads to a positive impact on the entire business:

  • Shorter time-to-fill
  • Reduced cost-per-hire
  • Stronger employer brand and ranking as an “employer of choice” with the best candidates for your company.

How does it differ from Google Analytics?

We’ve worked hard to enable better recruitment decision making from analytics insights in Clinch. The result is a more comprehensive approach to analytics that links career sites, advertising, and marketing automation efforts to successful candidate generation, not just applications.

There are several functional areas of analytics.

Content analytics – Determine what type of content generated successful hires, such as videos or blog posts that generated engagement.

Campaign Analytics – Provides insight into which campaign-related activities, such as advertising or events, are bringing in the best quality candidates.

Channel Analytics – Helps you determine which organic and paid channels actually generate candidates who are hired, as opposed to generating volumes of unwanted applications.

Job Level Analytics – Overview of the performance of individual requisitions across different channels and pipelines.

Email Analytics – Tracks successful candidates generated through bulk outbound email campaigns

Marketing Automation Analytics – Provides insights into the effectiveness of your automated nurture activities and messaging sequences

Search Analytics – Gain unique insight into your candidates’ minds as they engage with you across jobs and content.

How does Recruitment Marketing, Employee Connections and ATS and Onboarding work together as a complete suite?

eArcu is dedicated to creating exceptional hiring experiences for both employers and job seekers.

We will work with you to create unique candidate experiences that reflect your company’s philosophy, culture, and processes.

Achieved through three core pillars: 

Recruitment Marketing – Combining proactive sourcing tools with intelligent career sites, automated candidate marketing to deliver powerful employer branding, authentic candidate experiences and game-changing recruiting return on investment.

ATS & Onboarding – Transform your candidate and user journeys. From candidate relationship development to onboarding, you can create the perfect experience that saves you time and resources.

Employee Connections –  Deliver a more authentic candidate experience by connecting candidates to real employees via an AI-powered discussion platform.

The Which? way Hear about how we partnered with Which? to modernise their candidate experience, reduce their agency spend, and improve their quality, time, and cost per hire.

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