Meet your needs, achieve your goals and surpass industry requirements with eArcu.

Our highly configurable suite of solutions include career sites, recruitment marketing, candidate engagement, animated onboarding, advert analysis, video interviews, candidate testing, intuitive reporting, diversity analysis and much more.

Configurable suite of technologies

Configurable suite of technologies

Every business is unique, and so are your recruitment challenges. That’s why we offer highly configurable solutions to ensure that each organisation’s needs are met.

Industry experts with first-hand experience

Industry experts with first-hand experience

Many of our team come from an internal recruitment background. They’ll work with you to deliver the best possible solution for your specific business requirements.

End-to-end support

End-to-end support

We’ve partnered with hundreds of organisations, providing support for initial advertising, candidate relationship development, applicant tracking, offer generation, and onboarding.

At eArcu, we’re committed

to helping our clients achieve their talent acquisition goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. We look forward to helping you achieve yours.

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Collaborate with our expert team to create an exceptional candidate experience

Plus a streamlined and efficient user experience through strategy alignment and automation.

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The Which? way.

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“To achieve “One Mitie Resourcing” we needed an ATS that could meet our requirements and move us to a single ATS and a single way of working. eArcu has helped us realign all onboarding processes and is the foundation for us achieving our vision.”

Graham Rolland, Recruitment Project Manager, Mitie


Got some questions?

Is eArcu an ‘off the shelf’ product, or can it be configured?

Our system is one of the most configurable on the market because we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Whatever your needs are, whether you are a global logistics company, a national charity, or a leading retailer, we have the right solution for you. 

In fact, whatever your organisation’s size, industry, or recruitment model, eArcu empowers your recruitment teams to deliver award-winning candidate experiences that reflect your organisation’s values and culture.

Does eArcu integrate well with my HR System and is my data safe?

Yes – we are agnostic in our integration approach with 00’s of HR integrations taking place over the years. 

We have a variety of solutions to fit the needs and budgets of each organisation, from a straightforward ‘New Hire’ data export through to a detailed API integration. 

eArcu is ISO 27001 certified and has one of the highest security standards in the industry. 

What return on investment can I expect from eArcu?

That really depends on the strategic and tactical objectives for implementing new Talent Acquisition software. 

The depth and breadth of improvements reach far beyond the tangible data points 

Here are just 5 examples of return on investment, delivered against specific objectives: 

Cost Efficiency – Online Retailer  –  67% agency spend reduction

DEI – Global Leader in Logistics – 43.6% Increase in candidates who identified as an ethnic minority and 38.7% Increase in candidates who identified as female.

Reducing Drop-out – Global Facilities Management & Professional Services –  77.3% Improved failure rate (Candidates being onboarded first time)

Streamlined Application Process – Multinational Automotive Manufacturer – 42% Improved shortlisting (including video interviewing)

Increased Candidate Engagement – Building Society – 50% Increase in website engagement

How does Recruitment Marketing, Employee Connections and ATS and Onboarding work together as a complete suite?

eArcu is dedicated to creating exceptional hiring experiences for both employers and job seekers.

We will work with you to create unique candidate experiences that reflect your company’s philosophy, culture, and processes.

Achieved through three core pillars: 

Recruitment Marketing – Combining proactive sourcing tools with intelligent career sites, automated candidate marketing to deliver powerful employer branding, authentic candidate experiences and game-changing recruiting return on investment.

ATS & Onboarding – Transform your candidate and user journeys. From candidate relationship development to onboarding, you can create the perfect experience that saves you time and resources.

Employee Connections –  Deliver a more authentic candidate experience by connecting candidates to real employees via an AI-powered discussion platform.

The Which? way – Hear about how we partnered with Which? to modernise their candidate experience, reduce their agency spend, and improve their quality, time, and cost per hire.

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