The challenge

Which? is a charitable organisation that aims to make purchasing goods and services simpler, fairer and safer for consumers. They’re a go-to brand for product advice, and as a result, they have a market-leading reputation to uphold. So it’s no surprise that they strive to attract the highest calibre of talent, from the most diverse range of candidates, in the shortest amount of time.

Their resourcing team was well aware of the candidate-centric market shift. They knew jobseekers’ expectations had risen, and to keep them engaged, they wanted to expand their talent acquisition suite with a more interactive platform.

As an existing eArcu client, they were already in tune to their unique business needs, and were poised to help them achieve a more streamlined recruitment approach.


Our key priorities are to ensure that our job opportunities are presented to as wide and diverse a range of candidates as possible. We have a very strong focus on equity, diversity and inclusion.

– Julian Harris, Head of Resourcing, Which?

The strategy

Previously, Which? had spent a lot of money on third-party agencies to boost their talent acquisition efforts. This was an unnecessary cost that they sought a solution for – one that was intuitive, accessible, futureproof, and easy to integrate in-house. The aim? To improve the quality, cost, and time per hire of their recruitment.

Bettering the candidate experience was a key part of the plan. Their careers site enhancement, in addition to eArcu’s solutions, would allow them to engage potential applicants in a more efficient way, enabling them to stay competitive in the talent acquisition sphere.

The solution

With Which?’s EVP front and centre, our client success team wasted no time setting up our Recruitment Marketing and Employee Connections solutions.

By providing a number of proactive sourcing tools, we gave their resourcing team the boost they needed to respond to jobseeker requirements and behaviours more efficiently. We also made it easier for them to engage their own employees on the platform, allowing them to interact directly with candidates and share why Which? is a great place to advance their career.

Of course, adapting to new ways of working can be challenging, but our team of experts ensured the implementation process ran smoothly. Their constant support meant Which? experienced minimal downtime and instant benefit realisation from consolidating their TA tools into one space. It made the entire recruiting process easier and significantly more efficient for their resourcing team.

We’re always in regular dialogue with our client success manager, and they’re always looking to partner with us and understand what we’re trying to achieve as an organisation. Through natural conversation, it was felt that the Recruitment Marketing solution was a great fit for what we wanted.

– Julian Harris, Head of Resourcing, Which?

The results

Since launching our easy-to-manage Recruitment Marketing tool, Which? has experienced some extremely positive results:

  • Return visitors to their careers site increased by 16% up by 74%
  • Average website page views per session increased from 1.89 to 2.27 pages up by 20%
  • Visitors converted to potential candidates increased from 2.82% to over 16%
  • Potential candidates converted to completed applications now sits at 61% up by 400%

Which? was also pleased to share the positive impact our Employee Connections tool had had on their employer brand. Their employees embrace the opportunity to be brand ambassadors, engaging with candidates and responding to questions on projects, characteristics of top performers, and how they can strengthen their application. In fact, since this implementation, Which?’s careers site has had over 10,000 views, with a feedback score of 100% for candidate engagement.

This power to have authentic, real-time interactivity with jobseekers is described by Which? as a ‘game changer’, enabling them to get right to the heart of what jobseekers are looking for. And with more hires being made through the platform, it’s safeguarding their ability to source talent directly without using costly third parties. 

It’s great to see Which?’s leadership team fully onboard with our service following a significant return on investment. Our client success team will continue to be responsive to their needs, and committed to forging a long-term collaborative relationship.

Our initial goal was to have a more interactive platform with which? to engage with candidates, and the solution has absolutely helped us to achieve that.

– Julian Harris, Head of Resourcing, Which?

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