The challenge

With over 12,000 employees in more than 120 countries, IWG is the world’s number-one provider of flexible workspace solutions. To keep their brands firing on all cylinders, they often recruit for volume roles. But in doing so, they noticed their careers site wasn’t delivering an engaging candidate experience, or capturing their true identity.

IWG wanted to tell a truer, more engaging story about their culture and work life – one that improved brand awareness and attracted the right talent. The answer? A best-in-class careers site and a new EVP around their key message ‘Ambition never stops’, which brought on board internal stakeholders and partners. That’s where eArcu came in. 

Our business relies on having brilliant people to consistently give our customers a “Great day at work”. Our previous careers website gave a poor candidate experience so was not delivering the quantity or quality of people we need.

– Richard Solomon, Global Talent Director, IWG

The strategy

Putting the candidate at the forefront of their careers site design was key. Our team needed to carve out a clear and effective journey, with easy navigation, relevant and engaging content, and simple search features. 

We wanted to transform IWG’s site into a ‘shop window’ for the new EVP, subtly increasing brand awareness and portraying an authentic view of the organisation. This would give us the opportunity to take risks and be innovative, delivering aesthetics and layouts that jump off the page and draw candidates in.

This all had to be created with their new EVP goals in mind:

  • Capture the core employee experience, portray who IWG is, and demonstrate how their people drive the success of their global organisation
  • Define and embed the employer brand and tone of voice throughout
  • Deliver an authentic, relatable message through real people’s stories

Then it was time for IWG to get stuck in!

The solution

Drawing on extensive research and analysis from candidates and competitors, IWG provided our experts with the user experience and candidate journey blueprint we needed to weave into their new careers website.

Adopting an agile approach to the design and build, we worked with their team to craft prototypes, pulling each page through a fine-tooth comb to ensure it:

  • Served the right purpose for the candidate
  • Was easy and efficient to navigate
  • Popped from the page with dynamic imagery and cutting-edge functionalities

There were no limits to how far the design could be pushed; we wanted to achieve something boundary breaking. Yes, it had to hit the new EVP principles, but authenticity was just as important. So advocates were carefully selected to tell IWG’s story from an employee perspective, rather than a recruitment one.

The new careers site is easy to navigate, has engaging content and really captures the essence of our brands and people.

– Richard Solomon, Global Talent Director, IWG

The results

‘Ambition never stops’ rang loud and true throughout the process and the finished product. IWG’s engaging and candidate-friendly careers site hit their new EVP goals, and showed innovative design and technological boundaries with stand-out features.

We’re proud that our experts were able to achieve their objectives. It’s why we love what we do, and why we’re so confident in our solutions. Here’s what that looked like for IWG: 

  • Applications increased by 26%
  • Number of candidates reaching interview stage grew by 66%
  • Candidates’ time spent on the careers site rose from 50 seconds to 3.33 minutes
  • Bounce rate dropped from 85% to less than 50%
  • Mobile optimisation led to 50% of candidates viewing the site from a mobile device

From interactive 3D visuals and location targeting, to social walls and podcast libraries, we helped IWG break boundaries with their new careers site, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. But the ambition doesn’t stop there! We’re planning to send visitors on a journey around the site using user analytics and behaviours . Watch this space!

We more than doubled the amount of time users spend on the site. People engage more with the website and are looking at video content, about us, discovering the podcast. We know these are working and need to do more of it.

– Jon Allott, Global Head of Field Recruitment, IWG

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