Case studies

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Founded in 1987, Mitie is the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company. They offer a range of specialist services including Security, Engineering Services, Cleaning, Landscaping, Energy and Property Consultancy, Property Maintenance, and Custody Support Services.

With an intake of... 1,500–2,000 new employees each month, the project objective was clear: to centralise all recruitment, streamline the full process, and find new intelligent talent acquisition software to ensure their team, hiring managers, and recruitment partners had a robust tool which could cope with the high recruitment demand.

The resourcing within Mitie was confused. There were many different divisions which were not cleanly defined. Processes were not consistent due to their many different business models and range of client needs. Some divisions were busy at different times of the year, and the current business models would not allow for the flexibility required. It was critical that Mitie find a streamlined solution.

Mities' current recruitment software was no longer fit for purpose, and this was showing in the numbers. Their current system had an 85% failure rate due to incorrect information being pulled through and the intelligence and capability of their current software. The exec board supported the proposed centralised change along with the vision of the "One Mitie Resourcing" project.

The objectives of the change that Mitie had set for themselves were to: have two condensed business models, either volume or specialist; to have a centralised resource where 100% of their roles were managed; to have a consistent process across the business with improved stakeholder management and engagement, and to implement a new ATS which would:

• Improve and develop their offer failures.

• Improve reporting and accuracy.

• Automate processes.

• Create a smooth candidate experience.

• Launch within just 10 weeks.

Stakeholder engagement was high on the agenda, ensuring their managers were kept abreast of the rapid changes. A comms plan was created, with the buy in from the exec board, this was rolled out across the business and included information on new processes and software, training workshops, help guides, FAQ’s, count downs and go live emails.

Mitie now has a new resourcing model, one stream of dashboards and reports, one centralised team, and a TA suite that can truly support the efficiencies needed for such a high volume of recruitment. Consolidation: Resourcing has now been broken down into two business models: high volume or specialist. They now have an 85% increase in the improved failure rate; an increase in applications, averaging x5 more applications per vacancy and a 27% increase in the accuracy of their ED&I data.