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Dee Set

Dee Set is a retail service provider working with the country’s biggest retailers to drive sales and efficiencies through its range of services, including merchandising, fulfilment, distribution, and store development. When attracting talent, Dee Set finds itself competing with the very... retailers it works with for candidates.

In addition to being limited to only a small space on the company’s corporate website. The brand alone is not well recognised, failing to bring its jobs and culture to life for candidates.

In an attempt to resolve this challenge, Dee Set initially set up their own recruitment platform, always pushing innovation. However, the laborious process caused disarray and a poor experience for the recruitment function and candidates.

The team re-evaluated their position and decided if they were to attract the best in today’s fast-paced, competitive, and fluid retail market, they had to establish some ambitious goals. These goals included Dee Set having to establish itself as an employer of choice, differentiating itself from competitors with an outstanding candidate journey.

The organisation had to bring all recruitment under one banner to maximise efficiencies, offer candidates more opportunities, and deliver a consistent experience. Dee Set heavily invests in innovation throughout the business; and had a desire to modernise recruitment, introducing the best recruitment tech out there to be ahead of the curve and make hiring easier for the TA team and job seekers.

eArcu's Talent Acquisition Suite was implemented to gain a competitive edge through an unforgettable candidate experience, creating a sense of belonging at the very start, from landing on the careers site, to their first day with a simple, consistent, and exciting recruitment journey. Full of innovative, engaging, and immersive features.

With an average 2,250 monthly applications, talent attraction has improved in a market where everyone aspires for a recruitment process as short as possible, Dee Set have proven that there is another way. They distinguished themselves from their competition by adopting and utilising features to balance speed and efficiency with meaningful candidate engagement. The wide variety of candidate profiles now all have the same experience from start to finish.

This resulted in a substantial increase in applications; an increase in application completion; a more efficient, bias-free interview process (taking only 19 minutes), increased efficiency across the board, and a huge reduction in the time to hire.

Dee Set

Best Candidate Experience
The FIRM Awards 2022

It’s been an amazing journey and one I’m confident is going to turn the dial on our recruitment strategy.

Thank you so much for being an amazing project team!

Sharon Wilkes-saltwell

People team & Recruitment Business Partner