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Pendragon Group plc

Pendragon Group PLC is a leader in the automotive retail sector, operating under Evans Halshaw and Stratstone in the UK with a varied portfolio of recognisable brands serving both retail and industry customers.

With a multitude of vacancies across a range... of locations, brands and sectors, it is crucial that Pendragon have a finely tuned solution to streamline recruitment and maximise their effectiveness in meeting key recruitment objectives.

In order to deliver the most effective recruitment solution, it was imperative to mould the solution to fit the organisation, not the other way around. This was done from the very start of the eArcu implementation, with the recruitment needs of each company individually assessed and split out into different company levels. With each company split, each area of the business was tailored to use its own forms, modules, and workflows to ensure maximum efficiency from the point of application all the way through the stage of offer, hire, and onboarding.

Despite the recruitment process being finely tuned to each company, the candidate experience is both seamless and intuitive. All vacancies are managed under the same website and are easily filtered by type, brand or location making finding the right job quick and easy.

Whilst simplicity is important, brand consistency and identity is key to Pendragon’s recruitment strategy and this has been cleverly achieved through personalising the imagery and tone of each page based on the brand or company.

The categorisation of jobs into different companies, locations, brands and sectors was vital to making volumes of jobs both manageable and searchable for recruiters and candidates. The content is clear and concise, delivering the right message at the right time.

Consolidating all vacancies into a single solution with a single website standardises recruitment, making it easier to manage and optimising a full new range of features such as; a social wall, splash video, image sliders, apply via social media and most importantly talent pooling to ensure they are not missing out on future prospects.

The project successfully delivered 54% more direct traffic to their website, 1 in 4 website users revisited the website, reducing drop-offs, with 76% of applications completed, substantial cost savings, and a reduction in their time to hire.

Pendragon Group PLC

Recruitment Effectiveness
2020 FIRM Awards

Our ability to manage the candidate experience, and how easy it is to update the system makes us fully agile as a team. This really resonates at board level - I am a big fan!

Sian Hall

Head of Resourcing & Talent