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Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation is a global provider of ramp, cargo and fuelling services. With over 500 airline customers, 870,000 flights and 1.7 million tonnes of cargo per annum, Menzies Aviation operate a time critical operation consistently and reliably with a customer... first mentality.

Menzies Aviation careers uses a split approach to direct prospective candidates to find what they’re looking for. Users can easily be taken down a path of learning about the roles and searching by category, or alternatively, search based on their location.

The location-based search automatically track the candidate’s co-ordinates in order to deliver them with jobs within their immediate vicinity, using a set radius. This makes the process of sifting through suitable jobs quick and painless and significantly improves the candidate’s experience.

With clear navigation and a logical flow of content, it's easy for the user to find what they're looking for. A range of tools allow the candidate to choose how they wish to engage with the site and search for opportunities.

Content is compartmentally structured, allowing users to quickly and efficiently explore areas relevant to them.

Menzies use categorisation to split content in to departmentalised sections. This allows users to learn about the roles that are relevant to them and access everything they need in one place.

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Great day and feeling inspired by new innovations.

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