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Leeds Building Society

Leeds by name. Leaders by nature. Building great careers. Reaching across society.

Leeds Building Society are among the largest building societies in the UK, serving hundreds of thousands of customers with billions held in savings and investments. As a mutual society,... LBS operate as a community of members, not a business owned by shareholders.

It is this community focus that has helped shape LBS over the last 140 years to present day. The candidate experience plays a crucial part in attracting the right talent and does so through strong branding and clear messaging. The brand is welcoming and bright, whilst the messaging tells a story with clarity, warmth and thoughtfulness.

The careers website has been carefully crafted to be clear and simple. Each page serves a purpose, either through educating the user such as learning about the recruitment process, or by facilitating an action, such as registering for an account or applying for a job.

The navigation uses iconography to make the journey quick and easy. Tabbed browsing speeds up the experience, making it instantaneous so that candidates find the information they need when they need it.

The design is clean and minimalist, led by imagery and video. Subtle animation is used to keep the user engaged, whilst hover effects reveal content when needed.

There are four main colours with a secondary palette used as accents to break up spaces and provide contrast.

Images reflect the brand, are diverse and use real people without looking staged. Backgrounds are not busy.

The website cleverly responds by tailoring content and imagery to the users search criteria and allowing them to import their social profile.

The website represents outstanding value, providing a fully branded and seamless experience.

Great to hear about new functionalities and to network with others using eArcu’s services. Excited to see how we can continue to expand Leeds Building Society's recruitment platform and enhance our candidates’ journey with us!

Lucie Asher

HR Recruitment Coordinator